Monday mornings en mi casa

Monday mornings en mi casa.

I try to create peaceful spaces amid chaos and unpredictability. I am surrounded by people who don’t think mindfully and who aren’t considerate of other peoples’ spaces, or the fact that they share space with others. We are all adults here, with the exception of one, and yet, no one seems to think enough about others to clean up after themselves.

So, in the mornings, when I get home, in the middle of the day, I feel that I am constantly chasing the feeling of peace and tranquility. The feeling of having enough space for me to breathe. Most of the time, I find these spaces early in the morning when I’m the only one awake. Or on the weekends when everyone is away, and I choose to stay so that I can have this space. To myself. For myself. And I’ve had to fight like hell for these spaces. Otherwise, I’d be just like them. Continuing to be buried in their own mess and struggling to keep my head above water in my own home.

I cherish these moments of peace. They keep me alive.


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