Friday Reflections #4 [On a Sunday]

My highlight this week:

I like to think that I have mini highlights every day because it helps me be more grateful of the little things in life; however, I would say my main highlight this week was getting to see my best friend. We made a short trip to Little Tokyo and spent a sunny Saturday in Los Angeles. ❤

Biggest challenge:

I haven’t written about this here, but I started working out at the gym about 1 month ago. This had been a plan/goal of mine for the past couple of years but somehow, I would never make it to the gym. A month ago, I finally made the leap and joined the gym. I even scheduled a personal trainer for 3 months! Who am I? Now that I have about a month under my belt, I can reflect and say this has been my biggest challenge. First of all, I am a Mexican girl whose family owns family restaurants. I grew up on tortillas and hot Cheetos for 25 years and suddenly this White trainer wants me to drop all of my “bad habits” and convert to healthy eating in ONE month? Excuse me, no. I really like this trainer, she’s cool and all, but I don’t think she understands this struggle.

Joining the gym already was a huge hurdle for me, and I have to admit, I’m actually privileged in that sense as I am considered to be a “skinny” woman. I have never been overweight, but honestly, no one (besides my parents and ex) has ever known that despite my “skinny” status, I was a borderline diabetic at the age of 21. I may not be overweight, but my eating tendencies were not the healthiest. And I think that eating and my relationship with food intersects so many layers: my culture, my family background, my family’s livelihood (restaurant business), and my love for hot Cheetos (ha ha). I can’t simply let go of this in 1 month. Maybe after 3 months, I’ll have a better grasp on things. I don’t want to discount the efforts I did make and accomplish in this 1 short month, but I guess I’m just saying that I need to be more patient with myself as this is only month after 25 years of the same habits.

Happy moment:

I have been struggling to find happy moments lately. My heart hurts as I am still grieving the loss of many things. The only happy moments I can find are the moments in which I am connecting to my friends. Real, honest, heartfelt connections.

Personal passion goal:

I have made the first step towards starting a book club with my best friend! Our first book: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Screw adulting! This is hard.



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