Friday Reflections #1

It’s the end of the week and I have had this strong urge to just sl o o o o w down. This week, I have felt scattered, uneasy and exhausted by the time I leave my home to go to work. In an effort to reflect and process, I wanted to share these moments:

My highlight this week: Yesterday, I got the opportunity to take an afternoon drive to Dana Point to celebrate a very special someone’s birthday. His 27th birthday to be exact. I love exploring new towns, especially beach towns. There is something about these sleepy beachy towns that feel familiar and peaceful.

Biggest challenge: I took a mid-week yin yoga class this week and O – M – GOOOOSH. Through the many yoga classes I have taken, I have never felt the strong urge to leave a class. This was a first for me. What amazed me was that despite the strong urge to leave and the desire to just cry and break down, I stayed. I felt so grateful for this yoga instructor because I don’t know if she sensed my energy and my struggles, but she was able to talk me through the entire class and help me come back to my breath. Even though this class was filled with other people, when I closed my eyes, it felt as though she was only speaking to me.

Happy moment: My dog, Pepper, turned 2 this week and I am so happy to continue having this little baby in my life 🙂 I love her so much.

Personal passion goal: April is Sexual Assault Awareness month so my goal is to start finding ways to become involved in activities around awareness. Maybe even plan my own event?


Thank you for reading xx


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